What’s the difference between PIM and Dam?

Being a product manager, it is essential to be updated on every trend to ensure that all the required practices have been met for you to have good revenues. By using these two systems you can be assured that your…

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rédacteur web

Faire appel aux services d’un rédacteur web

Personne ne peut plus se priver des avantages de posséder un site web pour son activité. Le développement et la réussite des ventes et des communications en dépendent. Toutefois, il ne suffit pas de créer une plateforme pour que tout…

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Web marketing, a global strategy

Getting into web marketing simply because everyone else is doing it may prove counterproductive. A personalised action plan must be drawn up because all digital tools interact; it is therefore important to be constantly on the lookout so as not…

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How to define an effective webmarketing strategy?

Some 20 years ago, the Internet was made available to the general public. Later, with the advent of new web technology, notably thanks to Web 2.0, consumers’ needs and the way they seek information as well as their consumption habits…

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