Web marketing, a global strategy

Getting into web marketing simply because everyone else is doing it may prove counterproductive. A personalised action plan must be drawn up because all digital tools interact; it is therefore important to be constantly on the lookout so as not to fall behind in an innovation.

Define clear objectives and positioning

A preliminary reflection is essential to define your objectives and expectations: increase sales and customer loyalty, increase the notoriety of your company or widen your target. Then you will have to think about your positioning: how are you different from your competitors, what is the added value of your products or services? Only then can an effective mix be developed, in line with your objectives and your means. For more efficiency, all web-marketing actions must be linked to classic physical marketing actions. The key to success is multi-channel. Moreover, the use of a web agency is essential to define a winning strategy and measure its impact.

Creating a high-performance conversion tunnel

The world of web marketing is of course constantly evolving. It is therefore important to be constantly on the lookout so as not to lag behind when it comes to innovations. However, there is no point in rushing headlong as soon as a new tool appears. Some tools have proven their effectiveness and allow you to implement an effective inbound marketing policy. It is a question of creating a conversion tunnel where each step makes it possible to attract the maximum number of visitors to your site and to keep their attention for the concretization by an act of purchase.

Attract, engage and retain: a key step in your web-marketing strategy

Firstly, you will be able to increase the number of visitors to your showcase site thanks to an optimized natural and free SEO: adding keywords, creating content, using social networks. You will be able to buy advertising space on search engines. You will be able to turn visitors into prospects through contact forms, downloadable documents, interactive calculators, subscription to a newsletter. To convert these prospects into customers, all options are possible: classic contacts, targeted content based on collected data, e-mailing campaign. The last step is to build customer loyalty and to involve them in your development. To do this, customer reviews and social networks are effective tools.
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