Video web communication

As you know, hanging the first page of Google on a keyword phrase is very difficult, especially since these last updates. Doing internet communication through videos seems to be a very good approach to get a place on the first page. Indeed, Google has been integrating YouTube / Daylimotion videos directly into its search results for a while now. Your video can end up in the first position if it matches the search of the Internet user. Let's take the example of easy training and its Unity tutorials, do the test at home: We will enter the phrase "Learn Unity3d" on Google and do the search. There are no less than 5 YouTube and Daylimotion videos of easy training on the front page! Which is huge. This proves that Google is highlighting the content found on its video sharing platform and it allows you to better position yourself on the SERPs. The search was done in private browsing so that the search history does not interfere with the results returned. The result of the test is positive: associated with a good SEO strategy, YouTube videos allow us to win the first page in its almost totality! There are techniques for referencing YouTube content and for promoting it, so follow them.
Create interesting and relevant content for its referencing

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