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This has always been the case, but since the Google penguin 2.0 update, the quality of your content and its originality have never been so important for your SEO, so I'll give you some tips to produce content that will necessarily interest your users.To create content that interests your users, you just have to give information they are looking for, in other words: answer their questions ... Here are a few tips on how to find out what questions your Internet users are asking themselves: - Write down the questions you are asked on the phone or via your contact form. - Conducting surveys / questionnaires - Analyze search queries via Analytics or Webmaster tools - Watch social networks - Read the discussions on your forums, blogs, comments in order to find the questions that users ask each other. Once you have all this, you can adapt your content, create blog posts to give details, go through the questions one by one and make a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), create help pages and answer all the questions! Enough to keep you busy for a little while.
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