How to reduce shopping cart abandonment?

Published on : 04 May 20202 min reading time

Before knowing how to avoid shopping cart abandonment on your online store, you need to understand why some Internet users do not place the order and what discouraged them.

Statistics show that more than half of all shopping carts are abandoned, which is a significant figure that the e-merchant would have preferred to convert.

After contacting them, the reasons for abandonment were as follows:

– Hidden costs (postage, handling fees, VAT…)

– Lack of trust

– Too complicated to use

– Too expensive

– Product not available


– Purchase from a competitor

– Search elsewhere

So loss of customers.

How to avoid basket abandonment?

– Avoid hiding extra charges. Offer delivery from a certain purchase amount.

– Maintain your image in order to gain the confidence of your Internet users, let them give their opinion and post a comment, add a seal of confidence on your site, give them the possibility to contact you…

– Think of making a simple site, create a breadcrumb trail, create a help section.

– Don’t exceed the competition’s prices.

– Try to always have products in stock because Internet users are in a hurry.

If, despite everything, there are still abandonments on your e-commerce site, you can offer a discount voucher to visitors who have abandoned their shopping cart to encourage them to buy, think about relaunching them and highlighting your advantages.

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