Web-marketing jobs

The Internet has become an important part of our daily lives and many new professions have emerged. The needs of companies on the Internet are constantly changing, hence the need to recruit. Young digital graduates are very much in demand on the job market. Here are some of the jobs of the future in the digital world.

The Traffic Manager

As its name suggests, the Traffic Manager is the manager of website traffic. It is found in companies (e-business, e-commerce, or e-marketing), in advertising agencies or sometimes in communication agencies. In fact, he does not "only" manage the online implementation of advertising campaigns. He also takes care of referencing and of course attracting traffic to the website. His mission is to optimize the levers of traffic acquisition on one (or several) website(s) in order to attract qualified traffic; to maximize sales; to recruit new prospects and to define a real commercial strategy.

The Digital Project Manager

Strong in web technology and passionate about marketing, the Digital Project Manager is above all a coordinator. Whether in a communication agency, a software company or a company, he is responsible for the creation, implementation and management of internet or mobile projects. To do so, he is the interface between technical, marketing and production teams. The versatility required is great because it combines technical knowledge, management (of projects and people) and customer service. He or she is in charge of customer relationship management, evaluates the technical feasibility of the project, draws up the specifications, establishes the technical specifications, validates the editorial line and draws up the schedule and budget.

The Social Media Manager

The mission of the Social Media Manager (responsible for social media or networks) is to develop a strategy for the company's digital presence on the various social media for customers and prospects. He/she supports its implementation in order to ensure good visibility, generate traffic and monitor the company's e-reputation. It identifies the most influential players on the Web, participates in the definition of the company's digital marketing strategy, designs and formalizes the social media strategy, animates communities, and monitors the brand's e-reputation on social networks. He/she must master tools for monitoring and measuring e-reputation, and be able to create partnerships and online events.
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