The functioning of marketplaces

The final goal of an online shop (e-commerce site) is to sell its products. To do this, it is necessary to attract visitors and convert them into customers. Since the update of Google (penguin 2.0) it is very difficult to find oneself on the first page of Google search results. This is very annoying when you know that 90% of clicks are on the first page! But it is the sites with strong notoriety that take all the places of the first page: cdiscount, amazon, la fnac, auchan, la redoute, priceminister, ebay and so on ... These e-commerce sites are numerous, they are called marketplaces. A market place is a place where you can sell your products for a fee. So you have to pay to have a place on such a site. Is it profitable? The strength of these marketplaces is the number of visitors who visit them, they can be counted in millions. Nearly 15 million unique visitors per month for Amazon, 10 million for ebay, the same for cdiscount and fnac... Being present on these sites costs money but can bring in much more. On average, monthly subscriptions are between 30 and 50 €. In addition, there is a commission of between 5 and 15% per transaction. It's up to you to do the calculation to see if it can be profitable. What is certain is that from one day to the next your visitors will increase and your sales will also increase because thanks to the marketplaces you will be on the front page. You have to choose the market place that suits you according to your theme and what you sell. Each marketplace has its own product categories and a very specific clientele (Amazon for books for example).
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